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of the


Plotting Page

- Hello! -

This is a place where all us weirdos can plan out our future WotS plotlines and discuss all things Canis alatum.  Have fun, guys.  ;)

Crystal Falls


- Chief -

KEINAN - Large, stocky gray male with lighter unders, legs, and face, a darker back, muzzle bridge, and streaks under eyes, and black ears, tailtip, and arrowhead behind shoulders; wings are a gray gradient with black remiges; eyes are light sage green with amber-yellow around the pupil; small scar under right eye

- Firstwolf -

MAHALO - Large, dark gray male with white ticking his face and back and smoky gray wings with white-tipped and barred primaries; frost-blue eyes with darker shade around the edge of the pupils

- Secondwolf -

KELSINGRA - Small golden brown female with darker splotches and a white patch over her left eye; very long golden brown wings with darker tips; dark brown eyes with a lighter ring around the pupil

- Seers -

PEYHOTE - Stocky, thick-ruffed, dusty tan-gray male with lighter unders, dark ticking on his back, a dark tail with a black tip and white streak along either side, darker forepaws with cream around the pads, and chocolate ear edges and in a mask on his muzzle bridge and under each eye; wings are dark brown with a white streak across the base of the primaries; deep orange eyes

VÁRATHRO - Very long-legged copper male with dusty gray-black scruff and stockings; oversized black wings with a purple-green iridescence; gray eyes with rings of varying shades, darkest around the pupil

- Senior Subordinates -

EYOTA - ~Description Here~

PALASHE - Large male with mottled, layered brown, cream, black, and white fur; pale seafoam green eyes

KOHANA - Lean, muscular, messy-furred black she-wolf with a white chest, belly, and patches at the base of her wings; black wings with yellow-green sheen; amber eyes with golden-yellow flecks

KURĒN - Tall, thick-pelted male with taupe brown fur, darker streaks on his muzzle and flanks, gray-brown on his shoulders and tailtip, and a chocolate lower jaw, chest, and belly; light gray wings with black-brown-tipped primaries; sky blue eyes

AINA - Sandy brown female with grayish-cream belly, throat, left forepaw, and rear socks; darker uppers, muzzle bridge, and ears, black tailtip, ear rims, and arrowhead behind her shoulders, and white on the lower half of her face, above her eyes, and in browspots; brown wings with mostly cream unders, reddish-gold flecks, red-brown primary coverts and same-tipped secondary coverts, and cream remiges with pale bars; burnt orange eyes

- Junior Subordinates -

MIKIRA - Lithe white she-wolf with a pale gray ruff, eartips, and back, dark gray toes, and a thin black marking around each eye; white wings with black bars on the remiges and chevrons on the coverts

GALATEA - Fluffy, creamy white she-wolf with champagne splashed on her toes, muzzle bridge, under her eyes, and on her chest and rump; white wings with champagne primaries; copper eyes

TAA'A - Willowy mottled brown male, darker on top and lightest below, and white on the lower half of his muzzle, his front paws, and his tailtip; dark brown wings with black-speckled coverts and orange-brown bands on the remiges; right eye is jade green with milky swirls, left eye sealed shut by a long scar

FIORE - Thick-pelted white female with a gray muzzle and ear rims and dark gray fading on her paws; dark blue eyes
        INITIATE, FO

LAYA - Small white she-wolf with black atop her head and neck, black stripe down her back, black ears, front legs and rear toes, and black tailtip and patch on her right flank; very pale gray wings with white undersides, black primaries and tipped secondaries, and a black patch on the primary underwing coverts; pale gray-green eyes

RYYN - White male with silver muzzle bridge, paws, ear tips, and tailtip and black ear rims; white wings with silver streaks; silver gray eyes with a pale blue rings around the pupils

ESIRINN - Large black male with brown rusting and black wings with blue iridescence; periwinkle blue eyes

RACIN - Golden brown male with darker patches and a white patch over his left eye; golden brown wings with darker tips; dark brown eyes

COQUILLE - Pale gray she-wolf with heavily black-barred white wings with black primaries; amber eyes

KYYNEL - Small, light grayish blue she-wolf with white legs and unders, a tawny tint on her muzzle bridge and ears, a black-tipped tail, and a white streak from the corner of each eye; wings are mottled blue-silver with tan speckling, and creamy remiges with pale silver tips and bars; eyes are turquoise with amber flecks

AKAMAI - Slender silver-blue male with creamy white chest, throat, and lower face, darker blue-gray on his topside and in a facial mask, and a black tailtip and spot at the tail base; wings are mostly dark gray-blue with white flecks, lighter greater coverts with shimmering blue tips and bars, and creamy remiges with fading blue-gray bars; eyes are yellow-green with darker green around the pupils

ELEU - Light cream-beige she-wolf with darker uppers, cream unders and lower face, and brown mask, toes, and flecks on the paws; wings are brown-gold, fading to lighter gold with darker barring on the greater coverts, with caramel-flecked pale beige remiges, tipped with caramel on the primaries and white on the secondaries; eyes are amber-orange with reddish brown marbling

HOTAKA - Tall, muscular, dusty brown male with lighter unders and legs, dark ticking on his back, tail, and ears, and dark tailtip and eartips; wings are brown with black and gray ticking and black remix tips; warm light amber eyes

MALIGAYA - Large, stocky, peach-colored she-wolf with lighter unders and inner legs and a darker scruff, back, head, and broken collar marking; even darker legs, ears, muzzle bridge, browspots, and streak from the corners of her eyes to the corners of her mouth; wings are dark peach, lightening to gold on the remiges; chartreuse eyes

TIVI - Small white male with medium gray back, neck, and head, darker gray on his muzzle bridge, head top, and spine, and black ear rims and nose; warm gray wings with white primaries; muddy yellow-amber eyes; held prisoner by the pack

NEVYN - ~Description Here~

GULA - Short, stocky, plump she-wolf with long light gray fur, ticked with rust on her back and legs, and a white neck and muzzle; small wings are gray on top, speckled with rust, and mostly white underneath; large, light green eyes with yellow around the irises

AYIP - Smallish, pale platinum male with a white face and front socks, dark ticking on his back and tail, and darker eartips and streaks from the tops and outer corners of his eyes; wings are almost completely white underneath and dark silver on top with darker gray and white flecks and creamy remiges barred with gray; eyes are a very pale gray-blue; blind

MOJAG - Willowy male with short, sticky-uppy reddish-gold-brown fur, a reddish-mocha patch on his back and shoulders, a narrow dusty white arrowhead behind his shoulders, and a darker mocha streak just behind that, along with another dark streak at the base of his tail and a same-colored tailtip; red-mocha mask with lighter fur around his eyes and on the backs of his elbows and thighs and white patched on his chin, the fronts of his shoulders, on his right hind toes, and in a left hind sock; wing coverts are mottled goldish red, brown, and red-mocha on top and creamy white with gold-red and red-mocha spotting underneath, and remiges are light red-gold on top, cream-white underneath, with slightly darker red-gold barring; medium blue eyes

SUKAI - Tall, long-furred white she-wolf with black socks and tailtip; wings are white with black streaks on the remiges; gray-blue eyes

NOElANI - ~Description Here~

- Initiates -

PAYATT - Small, scrawny, inky black male with white unders, tailtip, lower legs, leg backs, lower face, left eartip, eyespots, and nose and black-speckled paws; black wings with a few white-tipped coverts and pale gray remiges that fade to white; pale blue eyes with darker blue around the pupils, and small hazel fleck in the left eye

GAYATAHI - Tall, mottled brown male with thick, messy fur; mottled brown wings with dark tips; deep green eyes with yellow rings around the pupils

KIRIANA - Reddish brown she wolf with some gray mixed in, typical wolf markings; dark brown wings; yellow eyes with a hint of green

SOGNO - Gray female with typical wolf markings and a reddish tint to her muzzle bridge and ears; white belly and legs; mottled gray and white wings with sparse reddish speckles and white primaries; yellow-amber eyes

ACARA - Cinnamon brown she-wolf with cream unders, legs, and around her eyes and dark ticking on her back; dark tailtip with dark spot at the base and darker cinnamon upside-down v-shape above each eye; mottled brown-and-gold wings with mostly-cream unders barred with brown; orange eyes with yellow around the pupils and irises

WANOOK - Gangly silver-blue male with lighter unders and legs, darker uppers, ears, paw tops, chin tip, muzzle bridge, and above his eyes, creamy white on his chest, belly, tailtip, and under his eyes, and black down his back, head, nose, overeye markings, and eartips; mottled silver wings with dark blue-gray and black bars on top and lighter tones with spots instead of bars underneath, and black remiges with two silver bars on the secondaries; eyes are very pale blue-gray with pale yellow-green around the pupil, more in the left than the right

HAUL - Small, scrawny, fox-like male with short, light gray fur, rust on his shoulders, chest, flanks, face, and back, and muzzle and ears tipped with white; tail is sandy gray-brown, lightening toward the tip; wings are mottled brown with tawny remiges and black barring; chestnut brown eyes

KRIOS - Small, lithe male with soft, creamy white fur and several black spots, including a large patch on the right side of his head; one white and one black wings; right eye is light yellow and left is dark blue

FO - Shaggy-furred, dark red male with gray tinged on his throat and around his eyes, a white belly and at the underside base of his wings, and black fading on his paws; wings are dark red with lighter unders; large yellow eyes

CASTOR - Fallow brown male with darker back, ears, muzzle bridge, rear legs, and three rings above the carpals and a lighter lower face, chest, inner legs, lower front legs, and tailtip; chocolate paws, tail, streak from the inner eye, under the eyes, upper ears, nose, and ticking on the back and neck, and white muzzle, chin, eartips, and ticking on the upper chest and belly; dark seafoam green eyes

POLLUX - Slightly smaller fallow brown male with darker back, ears, muzzle bridge, rear legs, and three rings above the carpals and a lighter lower face, chest, inner legs, lower front legs, and tailtip; chocolate forepaws and one rear paw, tail, streak from the inner eye, under the eyes, upper ears, nose, and ticking on the back and neck, and white on one rear paw, muzzle, chin, eartips, and ticking on the upper chest and belly; light seafoam green eyes

- Den-Mothers -

KALAKE - Small ginger she-wolf with brown stockings and mask and a white tailtip; long, dark brown wings with reddish marginal coverts and red-edged median coverts; warm gold eyes; mother of Akamai's pups

- Pups -

ARI - Reddish gold male with gold unders, legs, and chin, a reddish ruff, and brown ear rims and tips; cinnamon wings with cream remiges and white on the shoulder and leading edge

ASKA - Dark blue-gray female with darker paws and speckling on the rump and shoulders and lighter chin and mask; blue-gray wings with lighter unders and cream-white remiges

KAHILI - Honey-gold she-wolf with pale honey-cream unders and paws, darker mask, streak from the outer corners of the eyes, eye rims, dorsal stripe, and tailtip, and faded spotting on her chest; mottled honey-gold, reddish-brown, and cream wings with cream undersides and remiges

CHIRIN - Cream male with white unders, chin, and paws; cream wings with pale tan-spotted coverts and white remiges


CHASKA - Small, grizzled grayish-white she-wolf with white-flecked smoky gray ticking on her back, tail, ears, muzzle bridge, forehead, paws, and lower legs; dark gray wings with greater coverts tipped and remiges barred with silver-gray; rust-red eyes with lighter orange spiked around the center of the irises

IGNIS - Skinny, faded golden-brown male with a gray-flecked muzzle; badly-damaged wings with a few golden, stick-like feathers; radiant amber eyes


MAKAWEE - Medium buff-brown she-wolf with lighter unders and lower legs and a slightly darker mask; medium buff-brown wings with darker marginal coverts and cream remiges; light green eyes

ELAN - Large, stocky, dusty gray male with darker uppers, head top, and over-eyes, a black v-shaped marking on his shoulders extending in a thin streak to a black tailtip, and a large cream-gray v-shaped marking on his chest; white front toes and half-circle under each eye; large, dark dusty gray wings that lighten down the coverts, with dark bars, and silver remiges that fade to cream, with black tips, primaries barred once with soot gray; golden eyes with orange around the pupil

ENOLA - Tall, short-furred red-brown female with lighter unders and darker back, shoulders, tailtip, and facial mask; dark brown wings with red-brown median coverts, bright ginger greater coverts, and pale brown remiges fading to cream at the tips; sea-blue eyes

ROGAHAR - Grizzled gray-brown male with a darker saddle, shoulders, neck, mask, tailtip, and hips, dark ticking on his back and forelegs, a black arrow behind his shoulders, and a white chest and belly; Dark gray-brown wings with lighter dappling, lighter greater coverts with dark tips, and pale remiges with black teardrop spots; undersides are lighter, and underside remiges are white with spots showing through gray; dark, soft green eyes

KEALA - Blue-gray she-wolf with lighter legs, unders, and lower face, darker uppers and mask, black ear rims, and white forepaws; wings are blue-gray with black speckles, pale blue-gray greater coverts with black tips, and cream-white remiges

FALA - Small white she-wolf with thick, soft white fur, a thin black streak over each eye, and a black tailtip; wings are white with specks on the coverts, black on the upperside and dark gray on the underside, and two black bars and one gray bar on the remiges; pale gold-yellow eyes

DOTAN - Large ginger male with darker facial markings, streak down spine to his tailtip, and saddle and collar, with a white belly and socks; mottled dark and light ginger wings with white remiges barred with a ginger gradient; pale green eyes

KALÂ - Golden brown she-wolf with white paws; reddish brown wings with black-tipped remiges; green eyes

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Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page Empty Re: Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page

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- Leader -

OḌEYA - Small brown-black she-wolf with lighter back and upper legs and a tawny gold band from her ears to her shoulder blades and from the back of her shoulders to her rump; tawny gold head top and ear rims and a white patch on her chest; mottled brown-black wings with tawny-dappled coverts and black remiges that fade toward the bases; pale gold eyes

- High-Ranking Subordinates -

VASHER - Large, bulky dark gray male with gray unders and legs, lighter chest and throat patches, paws and backs of legs, dorsal stripe, and lower face; black ears and under-eyes, patch above his nose, shoulder patches leading to a streak along either side of his neck, and arrowhead behind his shoulders, surrounded by white; white eyespots, above his eyes, and ticking on his whisker pads, chin, upper throat, and ear rims and a light gray tail with a dark streak on top and a black tip; mottled black and sooty coverts, lighter underneath with gray remiges with black teardrop spots; reddish copper eyes with a bronze ring around the pupil

AKAINU - Large, tall, bulky male with coarse dark russet fur and graying on his legs and muzzle; lighter russet wings with bronze primaries and coppery secondaries; bright yellow eyes with amber flecks and a copper ring around the pupil

SABIRA - ~Description Here~

CHEVEYO - ~Description Here~

CHAYTON - Tall white male with gray on his neck, back, tail, and hips a black streak down his spine, a black tail tip, ear rims, and collar, and light dusty gray rear socks, front paws, spots on his shoulders, lower muzzle and chin, around his eyes, and in eyespots; muzzle bridge is half black and half dark gray, and there's a dark gray forking marking at the corner of his eyes; wings are black with black-tipped and barred dark gray median coverts, gray secondary coverts with black bars and a white concave spot at the tips, and blue primary coverts with black bars and white tips; remiges are pale dusty gray that fade to white at the tips and black bars and tips; gold eyes

CHARUN - ~Description Here~

VALLATA - Lean she-wolf with deep ginger fur; dark red-brown wings, lighter underneath; dark brown eyes; left ear slightly torn on edge

- Mid-Ranking Subordinates -

ROTH - Scrawny, very lightly-built male with short, ungroomed yellow-brown fur and lighter unders and lower legs; rust tint on ears, muzzle, scruff, and tail top; long, narrow, deep rust wings with golden brown flecks on the median coverts, golden brown greater coverts with rust bars, and light golden remiges with darker tips and bars; yellow-green eyes

VANTH - ~Description Here~

MANA - Muddy brown female with a lighter face, neck, and belly and black ear rims and fading on her paws; muddy brown wings with black tips; amber eyes

ORCUS - ~Description Here~

SALUS - ~Description Here~

- Low-Ranking Subordinates -

MIELIÄ - Little, small-pawed she-wolf, pale peachy gold-cream with a darker dorsal stripe, an additional stripe along either side connecting at her withers, and a short, thick stripe from each wither to her shoulder blades; white chest, belly, neck, legs, browspots, muzzle, and blaze, a white tailtip bordered by a dark peach ring, and medium-large, light-colored fawn spots on her sides; mottled light and dark peach-gold-cream wings with white remiges streaked down the shaft and tipped with peach-gold-cream; radiant yellow-amber eyes

ALLEGRO - Extremely large vanilla-yellow male with a cream-to-white gradient on his unders and legs, white socks, tailtip, muzzle, cheeks, and around his eyes; golden brown on his neck, head, rump, muzzle bridge, and ears and as a merger before the white on his legs and tailtip; black wings with a bright yellow streak across the alulae and secondary coverts and white spots near the tips of his primaries; aqua-blue eyes

- Initiates -

JHĒRA - Small charcoal she-wolf with a hint of red-brown and dusty gray undertones, light paws, a black muzzle bridge, and black ticking on her forehead; wings are soot gray on top, lighter underneath, with pure black on the smallest marginal coverts and light dusty gray remiges that fade to black at the tips; eyes are bright gold with a bronze ring around the pupil

- Den-Mothers -

NERYS - Small, willowy, deep ginger she-wolf with wisps of creamy ginger most prominent on her joints and chest; long, narrow wings are ruddy ginger; dark brown eyes with faint gold flecks; mother of Dotan's pups
        PUPS: POHL

NEVINOST - Creamy beige she-wolf with dark chocolate brown on her back, tail, muzzle bridge, ear rims, and streaks from the outer corners of her eyes; darker beige forehead, five ruddy bars on her rump, and short white socks; chocolate wings with a thick white bar at the base of the first five primaries and shimmering blue tips to many median coverts; soft amber eyes; expecting Allegro's pups

- Pups -

POHL - Long-furred creamy orange male with darker ticking; wings are dappled brown on top and creamier underneath; stone-gray eyes

- Ancestors -

MAKIR - Large black wolf with dark gray paws, lower legs, and whisker pads and gray under-eyes; black wings with sooty remiges with black tips and bars; searing yellow eyes

WATAN - Skinny gray male with a dark mask and ticking behind his shoulders, black ear rims and tailtip, and a large, cream-gray v-shaped marking on his lower chest; sooty wings with black spots and cream-gray remiges with dark barring; yellow-orange eyes



OREN - ~Description Here~

KALI - Gold-beige she-wolf with reddish brown on her back, shoulders, muzzle bridge, and in a facial mask and cream on her unders and paws; wings are made up of mottled creams, red-browns, and gold-beiges on top and mostly cream underneath with brown-flecked coverts and gray-brown bars on the cream remiges; gray-blue-green eyes with amber around the pupils

LAIKO - Lanky, tall male with shortish, sticky-uppy brown fur, with darker brown on his topside, ears, muzzle bridge, and extending down a stripe in his ruff and lighter unders, lower legs, and lower face; even darker brown dorsal stripe, with a same-colored tailtip and a dark mask, and white rear socks; dark brown wings with lighter flecks on the coverts, darker gold greater coverts tipped with dark brown on the topside, and honey-gold remiges that fade at the tips with pale barring; honey-colored eyes

ELSKAN - Gangly male with bowed rear legs and gray-brown fur, darkest on top and lightest on his legs, unders, and around his eyes and muzzle; dark socks, cream chest, chin, throat, and upper belly, a pale face mask, dark ears with black fringes, and a bowtie-shaped brown mark on his upper chest; mottled gray-brown wings with dark vertical striping, mostly cream unders, and cream remiges with light tips and bars; sage-green eyes

NAKHODA - Lean black male with lighter bluish undertones on his ruff, striped down the center of his neck, and on his back, shoulders, and thighs; white throat, lower chest dash, and toes, awhite-gray patch behind his shoulders and backs of thighs; black wings with blue and purple iridescence on the topsides, lighter bluish-toned underwings, same-colored greater upperwing coverts and white-gray greater underwing coverts, and black, iridescent remiges with lighter and more muted undersides, with white teardrop spots; orange-amber eyes

MURI - Small, chocolate she-wolf with a darker scruff, tail, and eartips, lighter unders, inner and lower legs, and lower face, and a cream tailtip and browspots; chocolate wings, dappled with gold; light chocolate eyes

SIHTI - Dark blonde she-wolf with brown undertones on her back and over her right flank, lighter blonde around her eyes and ears, and dark reddish brown ears; long wings, light golden brown on top and white underneath; large, dark hazel eyes

WYANET - ~Description Here~


Other Animals

KOKANEE - North American cougar with yellow-amber eyes; scar across the bridge of his nose

ARDANI - Large light-morph red-tailed hawk with dark golden-brown eyes

SONORA - Stellar's jay with dark, shiny eyes

FUTEKI - Margay with large, light yellow-green eyes

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Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page Empty Re: Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page

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Aaaand we're open for business!

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Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page Empty Re: Wolves of the Skies Plotting Page

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Woooo roleplay summary~  OuO

Den scene:

As soon as Kalâ had left the den, Acara gave a sigh of relief, flopping over where she stood in the corner of the den, head between her paws and a somber look in her dull eyes. When she'd said she hadn't been hungry, she'd been telling the truth. In fact, the thought of eating anything right then turned her stomach. She swallowed, trying to ignore the unappealing scent of the hare behind her. Both their parents were dead... they were never coming back. Did Kalâ just expect them to be fine and dandy with that, to get over it like nothing had happened?? Well, if she did, then she was sorely mistaken.
Wanook watched her with sadness in his own pale eyes, his ears flattening. He wished he could say something to make her feel better... but he didn't think anything could really help in this situation... With a miserable whimper, he, too, ignored the rabbit the golden she-wolf had brought, instead turning and burying his face into Mali's pale peach chest fur, seeking comfort.
The stocky she-wolf's ears drooped as she made a small fuss over Wanook, wrapping a large paw over his tiny back and nuzzling her chin into his head. "You should eat, Nook," she spoke after a moment, her voice softer than usual. "Refusing is of little use to you; you would simply waste away, and that would accomplish nothing. I know you're sad now—" she paused, swallowing back the choking feeling in her throat— "I am too, and part of you always will be, but you shouldn't let yourself starve."
The little blue-gray pup gave a sorrowful whimper that was muffled by Mali's fur. He didn't much feel like eating, either – just wanted to curl up and sleep some more, in case by some miracle this was all some terrible, horrible dream – but he supposed she had a point. So, after another couple of heartbeats of silence, he gave a defeated sigh and slunk over to the hare, halfheartedly tugging off a mouthful and forcing himself to swallow.
"Good boy," Maligaya wuffed quietly, before turning her gaze towards the downtrodden form of his sibling. She felt her ears droop even further.
"Acara... Why don't you come over here?"
Acara didn't react at all to Mali's voice at first; she was weighing her options. On one hand, she really just wanted to be alone... but on the other, she longed for some sort of comfort, and Maligaya was one of the few wolves she would accept it from.
After a few heartbeats, Acara made up her mind, forcing herself to her paws and dragging them over to Mali, tail and head drooping, sidestepping her brother and the hare on the way, holding her breath as she passed so she wouldn't have to smell the blood coming from it. Reaching Maligaya, she, too, shoved her face into the she-wolf's fur, letting her short legs buckle underneath her again.
"But what's the point in going on, now that they're gone?" she whined, a feeling of despair coming over her as she thought of her lost parents. Despite her sometimes prickly and antisocial nature, Acara's friends and family were the most important things in the world to her, and now, with both her mother and father dead, living seemed just that much more meaningless.
With a soft whine, the she-wolf gave a lick to the crown of the young pup's head. "Because you have to, Acara. Do you think that your mother and father would want you throw your lives away? They brought you into this world to live and grow; you wouldn't be here otherwise."
As her voice became slightly sterner towards the end, the peach she-wolf let her voice fade into silence. Oh, how could she convey that the world goes on without sounding harsh? Her heart was weighted with just as much sorrow as the two young pups, but she didn't know whether she should be a strong, mature figure towards Acara and Wanook, or let her feelings run raw. Keinan and Peyhote were older than her, but she didn't want to pester Kei with questions of how to act around pups in such a position; even if he knew, she didn't want to deepen his raw wounds. Peyhote would have more experience in such matters, but... she couldn't just leave the pups to ask Pey for advice.
She was the only living female with a significant familial bond – well, at least she'd like to think so; such things were not something she'd boldly pick the pups' brains about – to her mentor's pups now, and being suddenly shoved in to a position of maternal nurturing was new to her, as well as being somewhat frightening. She wasn't even old enough to bear her own litters yet, let alone aid with the responsibility of raising someone else's.
Maligaya heaved a small sigh. She couldn't let herself be distracted by her own pondering while Acara and Wanook needed her. So she did the only thing that could come to mind; she reopened her own old scars.
"I lost both my parents when I was a pup, did you know that?" She started gingerly, running her paw down Acara's back. "I was only two moons older than you are now."
Acara hadn’t responded to Mali's initial words; just looked down at her paws, considering what she'd said. Being as young as she was, Acara was hardly old enough to start pondering the meaning of existence; even the concept of an afterlife was somewhat vague to her. All she knew was that good wolves apparently went up to the stars when they died, and, since her parents had been good wolves – they were her parents, after all – they must have somehow flown up to join the other Spirits in the Great Link. She wondered if Spirits could actually look down on their still-living comrades from the skies, like some wolves claimed. If they could, she thought, then her parents would surely be very sad if she and Wanook allowed themselves to waste away in their absence. But still, moving on seemed so... heartless, somehow.
As Maligaya spoke again, however, disrupting Acara's train of thought, the young she-wolf raised her tawny head in surprise. She'd known that Mali had come to the pack as a young wolf, and thus had not actually been born in the pack, but she hadn't known any details...
Wanook, who had managed to down a few more bites of the hare before turning away from it again, turned to look at Mali, as well, pale bluish eyes wide. "W-what happened?" he asked in shock.


Once most of the pack had gathered around the boulder, Keinan began, sitting up tall and staring up at the nearly-full moon. "Welcome, one and all, to this full moon gathering, here at Chanting Hill. It is here that, despite the challenges brought against us, we will, once more, sing our praises to the Spirits of the Great Link up above." His greenish-gold gaze dropped from the sky to encompass the gathering wolves below. "This past moon has seen tragedy, heartache, and the loss of many dear friends for all of us. Yesterday's fierce battle with the Dark-Hearts came as a shock to everyone. Many of us lost family members – mates, parents, best friends... even children. For some, the recovery will be harder than it will for others." His eyes sought out some of the hardest-hit wolves of the pack – Várathro, Peyhote, Maligaya, and Taa'a, along with old Chaska, and the pups – Acara, Wanook, and Haul. "However, we will prevail. Despite our overwhelming losses, this pack will rise proudly once more, to reign benevolently over this valley. And, I hope, you will accept and allow me to lead you to that victory. But, for now, we grieve, and sing our last farewells to the ones we loved, and now miss so much." He allowed his head to droop for a moment, closing his eyes and taking a few heartbeats to grieve for his own family, before looking up to those gathered below once more. It was time for the pack to share stories and kind words about those they'd lost. He wondered who would speak up first.
Peyhote was the first to step forward, moving to the base of the rock Keinan was perched upon and dipping his head to the crowd. "First, I would just like to say that Elan, our beloved Chief, will be sorely missed," the Seer began solemnly. "He led this pack with quiet confidence and sure nobility for many seasons, and it is thanks to him that the Crystal Falls Pack has stood proudly as this valley's ruling family for so long, even under the steadily-increasing threat of the Dark-Hearts. In addition, he was something of an uncle to me, and I will never forget the bond he shared with my father. However," he continued, glancing up at Keinan with a look of affection and respect, "We now find ourselves in the capable paws of Elan's son, my dear friend and a wolf I would trust with my life. And I know that you will rise to become a worthy leader that we, and your father, can be proud of, Keinan. "
A wave of approved murmurs rolled through the crowd, and one wolf called, "Hear, hear!" Keinan, finding himself unable to speak, bowed his head to his Seer friend, touched by his words.
Peyhote gave him a smile, orange eyes glowing, before turning back to the crowd. "In addition to Elan, we also lost our eldest Seer, my dear mentor, -----. He, too, dedicated his life to the protection and wellbeing of this pack, and I will miss him dearly." He paused, gathering himself and trying to quell the rising lump in his throat, before continuing. "We lost Keala, my sister, yesterday, as well – and my dear friends, Chayton and Fala, who were like siblings to me. I will never forget any of them, and hope that they have traveled swiftly to the Great Link – their pure-heartedness and loyalty to this pack was unquestioned." With a final bow of his head, he picked his way the few tail-lengths to the front of the crowd and sat back down, making room for the next speaker.
Aina stepped forward next. "Well-spoken, Peyhote," she murmured, dipping her head to the Seer. "Both Elan and Enola led this pack well, and I don’t think any of us will ever forget their fidelity, or the sacrifice they made." She raised her chin, steeling herself against the emotion rising within her chest. "When I first came to the pack, two and a half cycles ago, Keala was the first wolf I befriended, and over the moons she remained my best friend within the pack. She helped me adjust to living among so many strangers, and I will miss her dearly." She dipped her head solemnly and padded back to her place in the crowd.

--- (Opening) ---

Several other wolves took their places at the front of the rocks, sharing fond memories of the family and friends they’d lost. Once everyone had finished, Keinan spoke once more, looking up at the starry sky. "On this night, as the Spirits look down upon this gathering, I pray that they welcome these lost souls into their sacred ranks. But even though they may be gone from this world, their memories live on in the hearts of those they left behind... and we will never forget their sacrifice."

Battle Scene:

At the edge of the clearing, Keinan and Chayton were nearly evenly matched – having grown up together, fighting by each other's side for so long, each knew the other's strengths and weaknesses. It seemed, at the moment, that Keinan, who was stronger and more muscular, had the upper paw, but Chayton was faster. The tall, wiry wolf slipped out of Keinan's grasp, turning invisible for a moment to confuse his brother, before reappearing in a different position, off of Keinan's right flank. Before the Chief could react, the pale wolf had slammed into him, knocking him into the mud. He pinned him with one mud-covered, dusty-colored paw on his chest and the other on his throat, just below his chin, shoving his head backward into the mud. He grinned, saliva glistening off of his sharp teeth.
Keinan stared up at him in shock, his eyes glimmering with fear. He tried sending a bolt of electricity up to throw Chayton off, but the jolt was rather weak – he's already used up most of his electrical energy. He needed time to gather more. "Chay, no, please!" he breathed, seeing the wolf eye his throat. Was this how he was about to die? By his own brother's jaws?
Chayton chuckled, his golden orange eyes glittering with malice. "Say goodbye, Brother," he growled, then lunged downward, aiming for the throat to deliver the killing bite...

--- (Opening) ---

Keinan winced, squeezing his eyes shut, preparing to join the Ancestors. At least I'll be with Fala once again... he thought to himself, the idea of seeing his mate making the pain of betrayal dull just a bit. But suddenly, the weight was knocked away, Chayton's fangs just brushing his fur before disappearing completely. He looked up with wide eyes, bewildered.
Chayton snarled furiously as he was torn from his victory. He reached back to snap at the wolf attacking him, but by the time he could get his head around, she had leaped away, and all he got was a mouthful of her fur. He crouched down, tail lashing, a cruel snarl on his face. "You," he spat out as he realized who it was, running his tongue over his teeth to get rid of the mouthful of fur. "I always thought you were the smart one, Mali. I put so much work into you. What a disappointment that you can't see how weak the pack truly is!" He started to slowly circle the she-wolf, breathing hard.
Keinan managed to pull himself to his feet, his legs weak and shaking. He panted, bleeding from several deep lacerations, his head low and a defeated look in his eyes.
"The Dark-Hearts don't bother with weaklings or invalids or the elderly. A wolf that can't participate is a wolf that is worthless. The pack is full of worthless wretches. It spreads through you like a sickness. If you can't see that, you're as stupid as everyone else in the pack! The Dark-Hearts are pure, strong. WE should be the rulers of this valley, NOT YOU!" Chayton suddenly leaped at Mali, jaws open and paws extended, aiming to sink his teeth into the back of her neck.

--- (Opening) ---

Chayton was about to leap at Mali again when a familiar voice called out.
"Retreat...! Dark-Hearts, retreat!" It was Oḍeya. The dark she-wolf was dragging one hind paw and staggering badly on the other. With a great deal of effort, she limped off into the trees, snarling her fury at the pack wolves. "This isn't over, pack scum!" she spat, before disappearing.
Chayton hesitated, looking from Oḍeya and a few of the other fleeing Dark-Hearts and back to Maligaya and Keinan. Finally making up his mind, he sent out a vicious snarl. "You fools! I'll get my pups back. They belong with me, and I won't give up until they're in my custody! Don't forget that!" He spat the last words out like they left a foul taste in his mouth before limping off after his comrades.

LOL, I'm so bad at writing for "evil" characters. XD
The last one can be changed up and stuff - I just kept most of what I had with little change, since I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

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